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Oral Cancer Screenings Can Save New Yorker’s Lives

Oral Cancer is the sixth most deadly form of cancer. For more than four decades, one person per hour has died of this terrible disease and yet many people are not even aware of it existing.

Here at Arch Dental Associates, our goal is to make sure your oral health is the best it can be. That’s why we offer oral cancer screenings every time a patient comes in for an exam.

We do not want you or your family to join the thousands of people who have been affected by oral cancer. We offer advanced oral cancer screenings and our team is skilled at spotting the signs of oral cancer and can help recommend a proper and most conservative course of treatment.

What causes oral cancer?

There are many factors that can lead to oral cancer and one of them is lifestyle choices or simply aging. Other factors that can contribute to this disease are alcohol and tobacco use. However, it’s not just limited to those who smoke and drink as 25% of those who are diagnosed don’t have any risk factors.

Most people don’t think about the possibility of developing oral cancer. For this reason, they don’t take the necessary steps to prevent oral cancer and to also discover it early so it can be treated conservatively. It really should be a part of every dental exam you have from now on. It can literally save your life.

This lack of awareness about oral cancer causes it to go undiagnosed and untreated until it has reached the advanced stages. For this reason, it has a very high mortality rate. Early detection becomes crucial as 90% of all cancers can be cured if they are discovered early.

How is an oral cancer exam performed?

In our office, oral cancer exams are done by using a state-of-the-art cancer detection device called a Velscope.

This device can identify abnormal tissue, the initial signs of oral cancer long before the human eye can detect it. This technology can help identify soft tissue abnormalities and lesions in the mouth that otherwise might be missed. The detection is non-invasive and painless.

The process is very simple. You rinse your mouth with a cleansing solution and then it is scanned with the Velscope. Abnormal tissue will absorb the light and appear dark. Normal tissue will turn white. If we see an abnormality then we will determine the nature of it and recommend a course of action.

Our cancer screening protocol includes:

  • Lifestyle and risk assessment
  • HPV test of the saliva
  • Oral cancer screenings regularly
  • Brush biopsies
  • Referrals to a pathologist whenever necessary

If you decide to come in for an exam, you can get more information on oral cancer screenings in your consultation with the doctor. Prevention and early detection are the keys to your overall oral health.

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