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General Dentistry Ypsilanti Township, MI

Keeping your oral health in top condition is our priority here at Arch Dental of Manhattan. It’s not just about making sure you don’t have cavities, but it’s also making sure that you have outstanding overall health.

Diseases can affect your body, many times can be detected in your mouth. The bacteria that’s present in your mouth can also cause other problems throughout your entire body such as heart disease and cancer.

General dentistry definitely involves regular visits to our office at least every six months for a checkup and the cleaning. This gives our doctors a chance to monitor your oral health and prevent problems before they arise. General dentistry is about prevention and our goal is to keep you dentally fit as much as possible.

When you come to our office it involves an oral cancer screening, oral and dental exam, removal of tartar and stains, x-rays and evaluations for periodontal disease. Checking for these issues can prevent other problems from arising later on.

General dentistry is also about making sure that your fillings or other restorations are in good working order. Many people believe that fillings will last forever but this is just not the case.  Timely replacements and repairs are necessary.  Keeping regular appointments ensures that those restorations are healthy and last as long as possible.

Emergencies can occur despite keeping regular visits with the dentist.  If you have a dental emergency, don’t ignore it but call us right away.  It could be the difference between saving a tooth or losing it.

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